Book-Lovers: The 2019 Reader’s Dive Reading Challenge Is Here.!

Loyal and True Readers: Aim atleast a book a week this year.  Whether you’re a seasoned reader or a total newbie, we’ve got this Challenge for you..

This is our very first Reading Challenge, we demand your absolute attention!!

We want to read one book every week this year and absolutely crush our TBR piles. So, we are officially starting our this year Challenge.

We won’t be choosing a book for everyone to read every week. We respect your taste when it comes to book. Instead, we will post our reads once a week i.e.  52 books throughout the year.! You are also welcomed to post your book with hashtag mentioned below.


You are also select book to-be-read from our Book Review page after reading my opinion & short summary that I provided. 

Talk about all the amazing books you are reading at Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (any social platform). If we like your book, we will give it a try with special mention.!! 🙂

We will also post giveaway for our top readers on my site as well as on other social platforms..

If you have any query, then feel free to Contact Us regarding the same.

Motivate yourself to read more. Join Now..!!”