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Just a few years ago, I started accepting my life the way it was.

With no more challenges/adventures, my only plan was to indulge in the favorite pastime – Losing myself into books. I admit that earlier, I was living vicariously through the experiences that I gained from books.

And then there was a phase where – Simply reading tons of books and sharing my thoughts or experiences with no more than my closest friends & family seemed not to be enough anymore. Soon my reading routine started declining.

However, last year while reading posts by my favorite blogger, I got idea to share my views with the world. So, that was the beginning of a new adventure in my tedious life. And since then, I kept working hard to build this platform to share my love for books & things that have gone through my mind or have crossed my path.

In my journey, I have learned that once you stop blaming everyone around you for the way your life is unfolding, you will develop a sense of self-awareness and notice that all the answers to your problems have always been right there.

When you can’t change your circumstances, accept it rather being negative and focus on changing your perspective..

My goal is to inspire people. No matter how many. Even if a single person is motivated through this blog, I’ll consider it my success.

Here I invite you to share your journey with me (if email).

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Parul · February 27, 2019 at 11:26 pm

This one is seriously inspiring,…<3..<3

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