“If your life is worth thinking about, it is worth writing about..”

AUTHOR: Robin Sharma 
GENRE: Self Help, Non-Fiction 
PUBLICATION: September 30th 2002, Jaico Books 
PAGES: 225 Pages, Paperback 
RATING: 5/5 ApplePie! 

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Who will Cry When you Die is a Self Help, Non-Fiction written by Robin Sharma’, an author of ‘The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari’. Resigning as a Corporate Lawyer to pursue a more fulfilling life, he has grown as a renowned writer and is also a leading public speaker motivating everyone in this world to become a leader at any role. His work will help you to find meaning to your earthly existence.

This book is phenomenal collection of wisest words. The author has Down to Earth ways to live life in full swing and in more focused way. It tells the small things which if you change in your daily routine will definitely make your living prosperous. This particular book poses an important question – what and why are we seeking!!

This wonderful creation, which I read last summer, is just about realizing what makes us more happy and less resentful. Robin Sharma regularly uses famous quotes that adds more meaning to what he says. Even in this book you find ample number of quotes that adds more color to the book. After reading this book, I felt positive change in me and a different perspective towards everything.

Best part about this delightful book is – you can relate each & every chapter with your life. Author had covered every little details ranging from waking up early, to have a nice family outing, to have a collection of our favorite books and some of the serious topics like why doing meditation is a good way of silencing our chattering minds, why the first 30 minutes in morning are platinum 30 minutes!!

Apart from this, the author also recommends a list of some other good books that his readers may add to their collection to keep them motivated.

I would suggest to not read more than 5 chapters a day otherwise you will not able to create lasting improvements. Open any chapter and you will learn way to live and love your life. By the end, you will realize not to bother about who will cry when you die. Author teaches you to be more and more happier before your death, so you can die any time with much peace..

Robin Sharma conveys meaningful lessons about life, that are essential to become the person you always thought of. Though it may not bring overnight changes in your life, but it surely evokes some questions that every readers can questions themselves.
‘Stop Complaining & Start Living. Add Value to your society & also to yourself.’

Free advice and free tuition has no value. But I recommend this book to be read by everyone.. One of the best self help books that can cheer you up when you are going through the worst phase of your life. Its your Personal Guide For Better Life Ride.

And my most favorite lines of all time are from this book – 

‘If you follow the crowd, the place you will most likely end up at is the exit.’

Robin Sharma, Who will Cry, When you Die.

P.S. Everyone is Chosen for a Purpose.. Just Need to Find for WHAT..

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