“Because the laws have changed, But the people still have not..”

AUTHOR: Ankita Singh 
PUBLICATION: April 20th 2019,  Kindle Edition
PAGES: 30 Pages, Kindle 
RATING: 4/5 CupCake! 

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Love is Love is Love.!!

Two Girls in Love is a Poetic work that delivers dilemma of a gay girl. The book is written by Ankita Singh’, also an author of Scattered Constellations.

Honestly, I never thought reading a Poetry book would be this prettier. ‘Two Girls in Love’ is a beautiful collection of poetry briefly written as diary entries. In India, the Supreme Court had decriminalized Section 377 of the IPC on September 7, 2018. The foremost entry in the diary of narrator is on the same date where the young girl is rejoiced as she is finally free of the ancient law. Yet she is scared of everything and everyone around her.

What is Freedom when you still can’t live on your own way. Someone who is open about being transgender is refused to be accepted by the same society we live in. Have we ever thought what they really go through each and every minute, hour, or day.. Being a Human is not really enough? Because of the things people say and do, these people are far more likely to experience anxiety and depression.

Won’t we feel pressured if asked to fit in with society’s norms? And the ones who don’t agree still experience discrimination, harassment and violence at work, school and even physical abuse. Is it really that difficult to accept people the way they are? I sincerely recommend my readers to read more about this community starting with “Two girls in love” book. Experiences help people to grow in every aspect and will remain with you forever.

Well heading back to the book, there were few lines that I really liked, and will go back to read them again. Author definitely made this short collection well worth the read. I absolutely loved the extract from “5th October 2018” –  it had a real meaning and I am sure each and every one of us is so identical with the feeling of ‘what the people around would think – Will they accept?’. 

Without further disclosure, I would sincerely thank to Ankita Singh (@authorankita), The Author, for offering me digital copy of her book in exchange for an honest review. I genuinely enjoyed the read and recommend it for anyone looking to dip their toes into a collection of brief poems to learn the struggle of LGBT community. Kudos to author for choosing such a sensitive topic to write about. 

P.S. These words.. They are not just for me. They are for you and also for all of us.. 🙂

Stop, Think, Respect. Happy Reading.

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