“Sometimes a person has to make difficult decisions – not because he wants to, but because it is the right thing to do..”

AUTHOR: Khayaal Patel 
GENRE: Mystery, Historical Fiction 
PUBLICATION: August 20th 2018, Westland 
PAGES: 358 Pages, Paperback 
RATING: 4/5 CupCake! 

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Intriguing and fascinating!!

Tarikshir – The Awakening is brilliantly written by ‘Khayaal Patel’. This is his first book and I couldn’t be more pleased. The cover is also unique which makes the book more attractive. 

Tense, fast-paced, horrifying, and engaging read, I read ‘Tarikshir’ on my way back home. This book is among my favorite reads this year and the plot is engaging enough to keep you reading. I’ve recently started enjoying thrillers and I absolutely loved this one.

Tarikshir – The Awakening has a very different story-line. After the end war between Ram and Ravan, the book takes you to a small place in Rajasthan named Devangarh. The story is carried by male protagonist ‘Rudra Pratap Chauhan’, young prince of Devangarh. After the death of his father, the young prince ascends the throne and is preparing for a war against the Britishers.

Rudra’s kingdom is in turmoil, the army is outnumbered and to make things worse, Rudra discovers king’s death was not accidental. He struggles to manage his responsibilities and also find mysteries about his father’s death. His investigation unfolds into a layered mystery and makes a horrifying discovery. Who is this creature named ‘Tarikshir’ and how is he connected to all strange occurrences?

Khayaal Patel made his debut with this book and his writing style was truly captivating. He beautifully connected two era’s – Ramayana to Pre-Independence period. I really enjoyed the plot as it kept me guessing and wondering what the protagonist would come up with next. The characters were well developed and his narration was smooth and lucid. “When there is a threat from the outside, we can easily detect and deflect it. But when a threat is growing from within, what can we do to detect it, let alone defeat it?”

I would highly recommend this book to everyone who likes to solve secrets and murder mysteries. To others who don’t like books with this genre, I suggest them to buy and read this book. It will be worth spending time as well as money. If you haven’t read this book, do yourself a favor and Order it NOW. 

‘As long as there has been good in the world, there has been evil.’

Khayaal Patel, Tarikshir – The Awakening

P.S. I would be very intrigued to read more of his works. 🙂

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Khayaal Patel is working on newer stories set in Rudra’s exciting universe, and when he is not, you can find him reading comic books, watching movies, trying to figure out the secrets of the universe and indulging in his incredibly unhealthy addiction to anything chocolate. This is his first novel.

So that’s our review for ‘Tarikshir – The Awakening’.

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