“Take pride in your pain; you are stronger than those who have none..”

AUTHOR: Lois Lowry 
GENRE: Historical Fiction, Children’s Book 
PUBLICATION: 1989, Houghton Mifflin Co.
PAGES: 170 Pages, Paperback 
RATING: 5/5 ApplePie! 

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Number The Stars is a Historical Fiction that received the ‘National Jewish Book Award’. The book is written by Lois Lowry’ and came out in 1989. This book netted Lowry her first ‘Newbery Medal’ and is inspired by true events of the Second World War. A gripping novel that brings the past vividly to life for today’s readers.

The story focuses on the life of a young Danish girl ‘AnneMarie’ and her Jewish friend ‘Helen’, living in Nazi occupied Denmark. ‘The book provides an opportunity to discuss a range of topics about courage, friendship, sacrifice and making difficult choices.’ A meaningful story that demonstrates what friends will do for each other when in need.

I believe what I mostly liked about this little book is that it’s written from a child’s perspective and I’m so drawn to the reality of war through the eyes of a young girl. This book got me hooked to historical fictional and also to the holocaust and WWII.

Number The Stars has layers. On the surface, it’s a family story then the story of resistance during Nazi’s in Denmark. Further down the story of young girl who, while exposed to horror sees the power and strength of her people. I believe the book is more of a ‘novella’ which was written for children but adults may find it worth reading and give it a re-read too.

Lois Lowry is an incredible story weaver! She writes about everyday life emotions such as making friends, fear of failure, survival. She often contrasts the imagined dreams of the young with the realities that they must confront. Furthermore, she conveys a powerful message about being brave and helping others. Lowry gathers facts and real data in this fiction narration and definitely started my love for Historical Fiction.

I suggest my readers to surely grab this book to give it a try on my recommendation, you will surely gonna this vintage story and moreover, you would love the interesting facts about this book mention at the end pages of the book.

And as always my favorite line from the Author – 

‘The writer after all is only half the book, the other half is the reader.’

Lois Lowry

And also – Not just for kids! Excellent Book for adults too!!

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