“That girl may or may not be harmful… but a secret always is. That’s why it cannot be risked..”

AUTHOR: Chirasree Bose 
GENRE: Crime & Thriller, Romance 
PUBLICATION: February 6th 2019, Evincepub Publishing
PAGES: 98 Pages, Paperback 
RATING: 3/5 Truffle! 

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Done with Her is a Dark Romance Thriller. It is a Debut book written by ‘Chirasree Bose, an editor, blogger and software engineer. Setting her foot on the arena of authors, she still have a long way to go.

To start off, I would say the book is more like a novella, and the index will slide you into profound thoughts. Benefits of reading a short book is that you can read it quickly. I appreciate her effort & look forward to reading more of her work but I sincerely feel her writing needs a good editor. An editor who can transform her beautiful thoughts & content into a good read.

The Book is essentially about three childhood friends and a girl named ‘Spreeha’, who has a striking resemblance from someone in their past. The past of all the boys haunts them and is now in front of them seeking revenge.. “When your actions are driven by your weakness, you tend to give yourself away.”

Author manages to keep suspense till the last chapter of the book. Author also writes for all the women to – “Stand up to the wrong being done to you. Voice your opinion. Fight. Face your fears. And never ever think that you are weak because you are a woman.”

The book is more a revenge story though there are plenty of references to love, lust, relationships and important of all the Karma. This debut book is worth appreciating as it kept me glued to the very last page. I would say the plot was although predictable and had problem as it is extremely short about less than 100 pages so that did not give the story much time to develop nor the characters. Everything happened way too quickly.. Many situation I felt like could have been written to a deeper place..

I would recommend this book to newbie and also to those who love crime thriller genre. A very light read and will definitely leave you deep in thoughts..

And my favorite lines from this book – 

‘There is enough hatred, violence, grief on earth already. Let love spread its Wings..’

Chirasree Bose, Done with Her

P.S. Love has no definition, no limits and no rules. Don’t try to impose one on it..

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